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Considering solar on your home or business?

If you own property and pay income taxes in the United States, you may be eligible for federal tax credits on qualified solar purchases when you install a new solar system.  If you use your property for business, in addition to incentives above, you may also be able to take advantage of accelerated depreciation (**please consult your tax adviser regarding income tax credit eligibility). The combination can cut your cost of the installation in half. In hurricane zones like Florida and the surrounding islands, on grid solar is typically a higher investment amount than in places like California due to heightened wind and rain levels. Though even with the higher initial investment, you can still reach a return on you solar installation in 7-11 years and the panels have power production warranties for 25 years. Investing in solar energy can actually help you to save money and save the environment! Contact us for more information about what you can do and how Sunshine Solar Services can help!

  • Building Integrated Solutions for Concrete Tile Roof: Sunshine Solar Services is a certified distributor and installer of the Apollo II-Certainteed line of solar tiles and is the largest installer of solar tile in Florida.  These tiles have been around for over 8 years and Sunshine Solar Services re-engineered them to our local wind codes of 180 MPH.
  • Solar Over Your Existing Roof: Sunshine Solar Services is an authorized reseller and installer for many US-made solar panels and is one of the largest PANASONIC dealers in Florida.  We have yet to have a roof leak caused by a solar installation in our 10+ year history due to our flashing methods on tile, metal, shingle and flat roofs.
  • We Are International: Sunshine Solar Services, based in Fort Lauderdale, has installations in 6 states and many island nations. We specialize in solar in the Hurricane zone and are the first active PV-only company in Florida.   For off-grid and grid tie in non-US territories, we partner with our international island solar specialist Island Solar, Inc.
  • Off-Grid battery primary, battery backed grid tie or straight grid tie of all sizes:  Power your property during grid outages or if you are on an island, power it all the time.
Sunshine Solar differences.

– NABCEP nationally certified installer and NABCEP nationally certified sales professional.
– Our full time staff includes an electrical engineer, a full-time civil (Structural) engineer and a third party PE with 100’s of designs approved in the hurricane zone .
– Licensed and insured statewide
– 100’s of South Florida home and business PV installations and many Bahamas and Caribbean installations with our island partner Island Solar, Inc.
– Oldest independent PV company in  Florida. (We ONLY do PV)
– Top 500 Solar PV contractors in the USA  (Solar Power World magazine)

Current typical home designs:– PANASONIC HIT panels have the best energy density and produce more energy per installed watt in high heat conditions than any other panel. 25 year power output warranty and 25 year full warranty, best in the industry and from a company that should be around for the full 25 years if needed. The 25 year full warranty is only available through their top tier installer network which SSS is part of.
– Currently using inverters with 2-3 MPPT’s (Tracking points) each for maximum power production, others available as needed. SMA inverters are the market leader and have a 10 year warranty.
– Each inverter includes 1 outlet for off-grid use when the sun is shining and FPL is down. Good for up to 10-15 Amps EACH when the sun is strong enough to support them without batteries .
– Connection to your Internet connection included for monitoring your solar energy and health of the system
– All designs to local codes with vast experience in the 180MPH HVHZ area (High velocity hurricane zone)
– Many designs installed over flat,  standing seam, tile and shingle roofs. We are also the leading installer with most of the solar tile installs in the state.

  • For EXISTING TILE ROOFS we use one of the top roofers in South FL to remove the tile in the area of the solar, we then install the supports then the roofer returns and flashes around each support with commercial roofing material and replaces the tile using the preferred foam down method to assure a long roof life. (Compare this to breaking a small hole in the roof and using some roofing tar to seal the roof. This method will leak in a couple years, our method is good for the life of the roof)
  • For FLAT ROOFS we use one CHEMCURBS (2 part sealer with rubber curbs) to seal all roof penetrations vs pitch pans. Pitch pans require maintenance every few years but chem curbs give a seal that will outlast most roofs.
  • For METAL STANDING SEAM ROOFS  we use the S-5 system reengineered for the hurricane winds where in most cases, the system can be secured without having holes in the roof.
  • For SHINGLE ROOFS we use a customized self flashing support engineered to outlast the roof system.
  • For NEW TILE ROOFS we can either work with your roofer to install INTEGRATED SOLAR TILES or put down traditional supports during the roofing process.