Non-Roof Mounted - Residential

Sugarlands Visitor Center – Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Customer goal: Repurpose 40 55 watt solar panels that were installed in 1994 so they can be reused to help
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Job 89
Pergola in Plantation Estates
Customer goal: Significantly cut electric bill and create and outdoor space for entertaining with a Solar Pergola. Result: Mission Accomplished.
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South Florida Beach Home
Customer goal: Additional solar for reduction to electric bill, while also integrating an aesthetic pergola to cover part of pool
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Job 28
Ground Mount Residential System In Lauderhill
  Customer goal: Significantly cut their electrical bill on a S facing home with lots of shading on the roof.
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Job 24
Deerfield Beach Apartment Carport
  Customer goal: Reduce electric bill for common areas to ZERO and provide parking for low impact vehicles. Design: Co-designed
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