Palmetto Park (South Miami) Home

Customer goal: Reduce electric bill, eliminate FP&L power glitches, not need existing generator at night during power outages.

Result: Lowered electric bill, integrated existing generator into the power controller so that it only comes on during daytime and early evening hours, instant recover from FP&L outages or glitches.

Collectors: 2880 Watts of Mitsubishi panels 12 facing WEST and 4 facing South with space for additional panels in the switching control system. (180 W each)

Inverter: -Xantrex 6048 Grid tied inverter charger with automatic generator start, wireless interface with laptop integration.

-2 charge controllers (one for each azimuth) feeding 4 serial 2 parallel battery banks ( 8 AGM 12V batteries)

Comments: First ever 4 power source system in South Florida (FP&L, battery, solar & generator)


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