Lighthouse Point LEED Home

Lighthouse Point LEED Home

Customer goal: Build the first LEED certified home in Lighthouse Point utilizing all the latest technologies and integrating them into a modern beautiful home. They also wanted the minimum amount of holes in the roof and wanted to be able to move the system if their neighbor decided to add a second story to their home that might shade the solar.

Result: Mission Accomplished.

Collectors: 4230 Watts of Solar with the ability to upgrade to 5640 without any additional wiring and go up to 10,000 watts with only one additional hole in the roof.

Inverter: PVP 4800 inverter with internet connection.

Comments: The entire system only has ONE hole in the roof for the wires. The panels are attached to the roof with “S5” clips. This is the first S5 system installed in Florida meeting the HVHZ (high velocity hurricane zone) standard. The roof structure was engineered from the beginning to accept this system of attachment without drilling any holes in the roof.
-Has panels over standing seam roof. First in the HVHZ with the S-5 system.