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Customer goal: Reduce Diesel consumption by 90% or more on an off grid island.

Result: The system went live in Mid June and it is performing as expected. The AC units have been replaced with 24 SEER ultra high efficiency units, the appliances have been replaced with energy star units, the lighting has been replace with CFL lighting with many control circuits and the clothes dryers and stoves replaced with propane based units. 15,000 watts of solar has been installed and the battery system is installed. With the heat of the summer and afternoon storms, the generator is running about 2 hours every third day which is a little lower that we had planned (95% cut in summer). By fall we expect to be down to a couple hours per week and by winter we do not expect the generator to have to run except for exercise and equalization. This will represent about 98% decrease in generator maintenance, generator wear and fuel costs.

Collectors: 15,000 Watts

Inverters: Four battery backed inverters and seven solar inverters being installed.

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