Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Home

Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Home

Customer goal: Cut their electric bill by 50% and use as many US produced products as possible.

Result: Typical 4400 sqft home with a boat has an electric bill of $500-$800/month. Cut the bill to $280 average by conservation methods (AC, DHW, insulation, lighting etc). They cut an additional $60 with solar PV, $80 with Off grid pool pump and an additional $30 by adding a 21/24 seer AC to the home office. Average bill is now less than $200. February 2010 bill was LESS THAN $100.

Collectors: 17 Evergreen 205 watt Solar panels for a total of 3485 W Watts. (14 to Solar PV and 3 to Solar pool pump)

Inverter: PVP 3500 inverter with internet connection and Solar pool pump for off grid solar pool pumping.

Comments: Home faces south with HIP roofs.

-Computer analysis showed the east roof would work well with very little shading loss.

-Home faces south with HIP roofs, so solar was installed on the East.

-Homeowner also power a 48’ boat’s battery chargers, lights and dehumidifier with the home’s power.