Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Home Expansion

Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Home Expansion

Customer goal: Further reduce the homes reliance on electricity from the grid by adding another 4440 W on to their existing system installed several years ago of 3485W.

Result: Previous system along with 3 high efficiency AC units, and massive building envelope improvements cut this 4400 Sq ft under air home to under $100 in the winter and near $200 in the summer including an average of $50 to the boats in the back yard (so home is about $50 winter and $150 summer). With the new system and some additional attic venting, they expect to have a zero to $20 winter bill and a $100 summer bill.

Collectors: 4440DC Watts of Solar consisting of 3 strings of 8 each 185W panels.

Inverters: PVP 4800.

Comments: Full telemetry system being installed to determine on a PER breaker standpoint how the power is being used.