New Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Home

New Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Home

Customer goal:

This customer approached Sunshine Solar Services to install solar shingles on their new construction along the water. The goal of the installation was to generate enough energy to offset other high-energy processes like running the pool and air conditioning the home.


The solar tile system has been fully operation since before occupancy. Despite high energy needs of a busy house, the meter runs backwards most of the day and offsets high-energy use days during summer.


The homeowners of this new waterfront home wanted to incorporate discrete solar tiles into the new construction. They maximized their roof space and installed 7.7 KW of solar that now offsets their electrical bill significantly, especially during summer.

Collectors: Solar Tiles

Inverters: US made SMA inverters.

The new home faces the river and gets plenty of sunlight
Completed job
A clean grid tie-in for this home