Decatur, Illinois Home

Decatur, Illinois Home

Decatur IL ultra efficient home gets PV.

First Solar install in Decatur IL and first ENPHASE install in Central Illinois.

Customer goal: To turn the most energy efficient home in central Illinois into a near ZERO energy home by installing Solar PV. (4000 sq ft under air).

Result: Meter completely stopped with the AC and other appliances running and the meter spinning backwards when the AC stops. Owner expected to have winter credits, no significant Spring and Fall bills and small summer bills.

Collectors: 5,520 DC Watts of Sharp Solar panels, manufactured in nearby Memphis TN.

Inverter: 24 Enphase MICRO inverters. Micro inverters were used due to small amounts of shading from a chimney and neighbor’s trees.

Comments: Triple and quad glazing, 12” thick walls, 18” of attic insulation had this home’s average electric bill near $100.