City Of Tamarac Community Center

City Of Tamarac Community Center



Customer goal: Reduce electric bill and allow for future easy roof maintenance.

Result: The new racking system allows for faster install, better wind resistance, and easier future roof maintenance.

Collectors: 25,380 Watts consisting of 108 sharp 235 Watt panels.

Inverter: 3 small 8,000 inverters and using a racking system designed for Florida by Sunshine Solar Services and CSW Engineering.

We designed a 25,380 Watt solar PV system for the City of Tamarac consisting of 108 235 watt Sharp solar panels, 3 SMA 8000W Sunny Boy inverters and a new racking systems redesigned for the Florida market. The new racking system allows for faster installation, less roof penetrations and the panels fold up for each roof maintenance during the life of the roof. It was designed for Miami-Dade hurricane standards and can be used on any flat roof. The System was paid for with Federal ARRA money and should save the city substantial money on their power bill for the Tamarac Community Center.