John P. Cable Mill - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

John P. Cable Mill - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Customer goal:

Use excess power to pump water to large storage tank to fill needs for Cable Mill area with limited daytime generator use.


While we were installing solar at the visitor center, we discovered that the mill storage tank that keeps the wheel moving was powered by a loud diesel generator. We were able to utilize parts from the larger job to supplement the power at the mill and significantly lower generator time.

Collectors: FUTURE

Inverters: None: This is a control system designed to save power at a very low cost and to use excess power. PHOTOS are of the control system and wiring was completed later by the NPS team.


Mission accomplished!! When generator charges batteries at night, the tank is filled with the extra power from the generator until it is full. If the water drops to a low point a local generator adds enough water to get it to the evenings generator run