Corkscrew Swamp

Corkscrew Swamp

Customer goal:

Corkscrew swamp protects the largest old growth Cypress forest in North America in addition to critical Everglades habitats and the animals that live therein. The National Audubon Society manages this beautiful piece of natural Florida, including a large education center to help visitors connect with this fascinating resource. Corkscrew swamp has already made huge steps to increase its sustainability by recycling its water, but wanted to further increase its efficiency by installing solar to power the visitor center and associated administration buildings. 


We were able to accomplish the project goal by installing over 10,000 Watts of PV solar collectors on an existing building with a metal roof. This installation significantly offsets the amount of power this small nature reserve needs to purchase from the power company – freeing more resources for protecting unique Florida plants and wildlife such as the Florida Panther and the Ghost Orchid.

Collectors: 10,125 Watts consisting of 45 REC Solar 225 Watt panels mounted with S5 clamps and “snap-n-rack” railing system

Inverters: 8,000W SMA inverter.