Conserve by using alternative lighting, cooling, data center computing, and water heating methods.
Generate by installing and integrating solar power systems.
Backup by installing a combination of generators and solar powered battery backup systems.

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Always insist on NABCEP certified
Installers and Sales People.
Sunshine Solar Services specializes in generating solar energy in the hurricane zones of Florida and the Caribbean. We offering solutions in the following areas:

-Conserve Energy by consulting with businesses, hotel owners, schools, builders and developers on how to use alternative methods of lighting, cooling, data center and water heating.
-Generate Energy by designing, installing and integrating Solar Power systems.
-Backup Energy Systems by installing a combination of generators and solar-powered battery backup systems where power does not exist, where laws do not allow backfeeding, or where energy is needed 24x7 without interruption.

We are a licensed and insured Florida-certified solar contractor #CVC56730.

Sunshine Solar Services is run by a dedicated staff that works hard to help customers save money and help the world use less energy. We work with building owners, contractors, roofers, developers, government organizations, and anyone who wants to save energy and money.

We offer residential and commercial solar solutions in Florida, the Bahamas, and throughout the East Coast and Caribbean.

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